Pre-Sale Pricing

The Refine Client Interface is meant to be a landing page for your clients. This landing page can lead them to the Refine Portal, your own Google Drive platform, or any other URL. You can attach it to your website as a client portal! Essentially, this landing site will host resources that guide your client through your process.

Things to Note Prior to Purchasing

  • Installation

    Upon purchasing, you will be directed to download the next steps. You'll be given instructions to schedule a 15 minute Zoom meeting with someone on our team to install.

  • Domain Mapping + Customizing

    In order to easily map your Domain to the Site template, you'll need to have a G-Suite account. Without G-Suite, you'll need to contact your Domain provider for further instruction. So for example, GoDaddy owns my Domain, but I have G-Suite so mapping was streamline. Additionally, you can customize this site as you wish with your own fonts, colors and images.

  • This product is Non-Refundable

    As much as we'd love it, we are no tech nerds and have priced this based on the understanding that you are familiar with Google Sites and are comfy with YouTube lessons and Google customer service. We do have a few tricks up our sleeves, though... and with that, we are providing some tutorials as well!